Research and More Information
Instructors are welcome to use these slide decks with their students to help ensure that there is an understanding of how Flipd works and to explore...
(Video) Flipd Tutorial for Educators: Creating a class
Shareable link: Create your first class here:
Implementation Checklist
Flipd App Implementation Checklist ✓ WHAT I NEED TO DO I have signed up to the Flipd web-dashboard. I have created my cl...
Syllabus Template
The following document is a template that we invite instructors to download, edit and add into their syllabus as they wish. This is only a template to p...
Single Introductory Slide
We invite instructors to add this single slide into their introductory deck to make implementation easier and further improve each student's un...
How To Use Flipd (For Students)
Read this comprehensive article to get started on the Flipd app and learn how to use it in class. 
Using Flipd Attendance
Read this comprehensive article to learn about using Flipd attendance.