There are a few reasons why this happened: 

  • You pulled down the notification bar while you were Flipd Off, opened a notification, or left Flipd at some point during the lock screen and didn't return in time. The best practice is to Flip Off, set your device aside, and keep the screen off for the duration of the timer. 
  • You may have had a poor connection when you Flipd Off your phone and the total time tracked is not appearing yet. Try reopening the app after you’ve left class when you have a stronger network connection for your data to be synced with the our server.
  • You changed your phone's time zone or manually adjusted your phone’s time while Flipd Off. This will negatively affect your time recorded so avoid tampering with your phone’s date/time while using Flipd.
  • Do you have the latest version of Flipd installed? Update the app and enable auto-updates for Flipd so you always have the most up-to-date version.

Still having trouble? Email a member of our team at For the speediest resolutions, send a detailed message with your full name, group code, email address linked to the Flipd account, and any relevant screenshots.