When you register for your class on Flipd using the 5-digit “Group Code” provided by your instructor, this unique Group will send you a notification at the beginning of that class to “Flip Off” your phone for the duration of the lecture. This Group will also permit Flipd to keep track of your time spent Flipd Off throughout that class. When you receive the notification to Flip Off, you can either select the notification or instead manually select the time to Flip Off by scrolling the timer on the home screen. If you remain Flipd Off for the entire lecture, you will be tracked as successfully participating in Flipd for 100% of that session period. If at any point you decide to leave Flipd to use another app or check something else on your phone, you will appear as less than 100%. (Your professor will outline what his or her expectations are of you, but we always recommend you shoot for 100%!!)

Flipd doesn't know what other apps you're using, what messages you sent or received, or any of the contents of your phone. Flipd simply lets your professor know whether you were or were not unplugged during their class period.