In this guide, you will learn about:


1. Understanding the Overview

2. Filtering your stats by date

2. Ordering and reading the data

3. Viewing individual students

4. Exporting your stats



The insights and analytics that Flipd provides can help you understand and improve engagement and participation in your classroom. When you select to view a class report, the first thing you'll notice is the "Overview" screen which shows an average, a percentage, and a line chart like the one below. This information is a summary of how your class has been performing from the start date to the current date



The line chart illustrates how many students used Flipd for at least one minute during a class session. It's important to take note of days that may have fewer participants than others, and keep in mind that if all students participated, that does not mean that they all used Flipd for the entire class. To see individual student participation details, switch over to the "Stats" screen (top left).

Avg. Total Time: This is the average time your students have spent Flipd Off out of the total time available for that class. For example, if you have had ten 90 minute classes, the total time available is 900 minutes, and the average is cumulative of all students in the class group. 

Avg. % of Total: This the student's average divided by the total time available. An excellent benchmark is 80% or higher. 

1. Selecting a date or date range

Your dashboard will always show data that was collected between the selected dates on the calendar in each report. By default, the calendar will land from the start date of your class to the current date. 

To change the date range, click on the date boxes and a calendar will drop down. If you would like to see a single date, select the start and end dates to the same day. When you've clicked the correct date or date range, click on the Search button. 


2. Ordering and reading the data

Students' Stats are ordered alphabetically by default. You can click on the title "Name", "Minutes", or "% Completed" to change to ascending or descending order of the column by that title. For example, if you would like to view the data by order of highest to lowest percentage completed, click on the title "% Completed" until the arrow is pointing down and the data is in descending order.


Total Class Time is the accumulated minutes of class time across the date range selected. In the example above, the total class time is 240 minutes from September 19 to September 28. This is because this class occurs once each week for 60 minutes. During the date range selected, there were 4 classes for a total of 240 minutes.

"Total Class Time" will always be equal to [number of classes during selected date range] x [minutes of class]

The "Minutes" column displays the total time the student used Flipd during the selected date range while. The "% Completed" column displays [Minutes] / [Total Class Time].

3. Viewing individual students

You can view the breakdown of each student's participation across the number of sessions in your current calendar view. Click on View Details and you will see how successful they were during a particular session. 


The example above shows how this student was unable to stay Flipd Off during the Sep 19 lecture; he left Flipd 6 times. The next week, however, he was able to spend his entire class unplugged.

Using this tool can help you understand when your students may have decided to "check out" of your lecture, and it can provide you valuable insights like:

  • When it might be useful to extend a break to your students
  • When it might be the best time to encourage more discussion or Q&A
  • Whether some students are struggling to stay focused more than others
  • Whether some lectures were less engaging than others

We know that engagement can be tough to measure, so we're happy to work with you if you want to dive deeper into your data. Send us a message at if you would like to chat. 

4. Exporting your stats 
Export your data by choosing the date range you would like to see and tapping on the Export button. Depending on the size of your class group, it may take a while to compile your data. When your file is ready, it will be sent to the email address linked to your account.

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