What's in this guide:

1. iPhone login and setup

2. Joining a new class

3. How to Flip Off for class

4. How Flip Off manually


1. iPhone login and setup

Download Flipd from the App Store link found at www.flipdapp.co. Once installed on your smartphone, open Flipd and allow notifications. This is how you will be sent reminders to Flip Off for class. Next, tap "sign in with email" and enter your school email address. 


Once you have signed up with your email address, you will receive a verification email to that address. Open this email on your smartphone within 30 minutes of receiving it. If 30 minutes has passed, you will see an error and you will need to go back to the Flipd sign up screen and sign in with your email address again to receive a new verification email. 

Once you've correctly tapped the link, you will be asked to enter your full name, and then you will be automatically directed to the Flipd home screen. 

2. Joining a new class
You can join your class using a 5-digit group code provided by your professor. Head to the Groups tab in Flipd, tap on the search icon, then type the full 5-digit group code into the search bar. Your class group will appear like below.

When you see your correct class group, tap to join it. You will see a pop-up that says you've successfully joined the group. If you see an error pop-up instead, you may need to try again. Joining a group requires WiFi or good network connection and can take a second to successfully load. 

Once you've joined your class group, you will be able to see this new class listed in your Groups and your Schedule like they are below. If you've joined the wrong group, or you no longer want to be part of your class group, you can select to leave it. Leaving a class group will not impact your time saved.

*If you have trouble joining your class group or viewing it correctly, please send a message to info@flipdapp.co.

3. How to Flip Off for class

One minute before class, you will receive a notification that it's time to Flip Off your device for the duration of the lecture. You can tap on this notification to be redirected the Flipd Reminder pop-up. You must tap "Yes, I'm ready!" to confirm and begin your session. Once you begin, you can close your screen and the timer will continue to count down as long as you remain Flipd Off. 

You can also manually Flip Off your device if you missed the notification. See #4 below.

NOTE: Keep in mind that when you Flip Off for class, you should always keep Full Lock unchecked (disabled). To be sure of this, the Flipd pop-up will say "Lock Type: Casual", like the image above (center). The Full Lock is a great feature for hiding distracting apps while studying and writing, but it will not properly measure your time Flipd Off for class. 

4. How to Flip Off manually

If you've missed your notification for class, if you arrived late, or would prefer to select your own time, you can Swipe the timer to select the time you wish to Flip Off for the duration of the lecture or select Customize. Keep in mind that if your lecture is 50 minutes long and you manually select 60 minutes, Flipd will only report whether you remained unplugged during the 50 minute window. 

Staying Flipd Off for the lecture means that you do not leave the Flipd lock screen. The best practice is to Flip Off, then shut off your screen and set your phone aside until class is over. Each time you open your screen, check your notifications, or leave Flipd during the countdown, you run the risk of ending the Flipd session.

Questions? Send a message to info@flipdapp.co with your class group, email address linked to the Flipd account, and any relevant details or screenshots relating to your inquiry. Our support team is usually available to help within 24 hours or less.