The following document is a template that we invite instructors to download, edit and add into their syllabus as they wish. This is only a template to provide guidance, so please use at your discretion.

Important notes for instructors:

  1. If using the template, you will need to modify the content of the template for EACH of your classes that you plan to register on Flipd. Each unique class will require a unique group code for your students to join.
  2. Make sure your students know to email Flipd support if they have any technical questions or concerns. Students should be advised to include the following information in their support request:
    1. Full name and email address linked to Flipd account
    2. Class code
  3. If your class has been pre-paid, your students will not have to make the in-app purchase at the time of joining the group.
  4. Should you have any technical concerns of your own, please send an email to Reply time is quickest if sent weekdays between 9 AM and 11 PM EST.