Flipd App Implementation Checklist


I have signed up to the Flipd web-dashboard.

I have created my class(es) on the dashboard, and I was sure to:

  • exclude dates that should not be tracked during my semester (i.e., holidays, exams, labs, etc.);
  • double check that the meeting day(s) and time(s) of my class are correct; and
  • double check that the start and end date of the class are correct.

I have received a GROUP CODE (five digit code) by email which indicates the each unique class Group I have made.

(optional) I have reviewed the syllabus template and I have added the appropriate unique GROUP CODE to it, and I've edited the syllabus to reflect my course expectations.

Link to syllabus: Link to syllabus

Note: A unique GROUP CODE is required for EACH different class in order to track students on the appropriate times of day and days of the week.

(optional) I have added the edited syllabus template into the appropriate course syllabus. I have made sure that the correct GROUP CODE has been added into the correct syllabus.

(optional) I have edited and added the single slide below into my introductory lesson to ensure students know how to use Flipd and join my class.

Link to single slide: Link to single slide

(optional) I have added the tutorial videos to my Blackboard/website/portal.

Link to tutorials:

iOS Guide

Android Guide

I have checked the dashboard to see that students have joined my class(es), under “My Classes”.

I have sent a follow up email to my students to provide another opportunity for my students to join my classes.

I have shared Flipd with my colleagues who share some (or many) of my students, because I know my students get unlimited access to additional classes once they've joined mine.

For support
Email: info@flipdapp.co
Chat: team.flipdapp.co
Hours: Weekdays 9 am - 11 pm EST