Flipd Off

Flipd is an app that helps encourage students to stay focused and unplugged during class. Mobile distractions are an unfortunate reality in today's learning environment: while most students want to pay attention in class, disruptive notifications and tempting apps can pull a student's attention away more easily than ever before. Some instructors support the notion that students should be more capable of managing their self-control and those who do get distracted are "on their own", but at Flipd we see things differently. Smartphones have a powerful influence on our lives, and checking our devices has become so habitual that it's often automatic and unintentional. That's why we believe that better behavior can and needs to be learned, and that technology can be harnessed to this end.

How it works

During your lecture, students will enable Flipd and make a conscious effort to remain off of their phones until the end of lecture. If at any point a student does check their phone, Flipd will remind them to return to the "Flipd Off" state. If they don’t re-engage Flipd, the phone will be accessible and the student will be aware that they've made the decision to use their phone during class. After class is over, a detailed report will be made available to instructors on the Flipd web-dashboard showing how much time each student was either Flipd On or Off during your lecture. This information is used to give instructors valuable insights on engagement, participation, and their lecture, and some educators on our platform use Flipd to allocate additional credit for their students.

What is the benefit?

Flipd teaches students to be better managers of their smartphone use both in and outside of the classroom. Students who use Flipd become more conscious and aware of their smartphone habits, which can impact other areas of their lives where they may tend to use their smartphones inappropriately. In addition to improving their attention and listening skills, students become more responsible and effective users of their mobile devices.

Instructors benefit from gaining insights about their learning environment and their students' willingness to participate. For example, if an instructor notices that the Average Time Flipd Off on the dashboard is less than 30 minutes during a 1 hour class, that suggests that perhaps the material gets heavy in the second half of the lecture. These kinds of insights and benefits are unique to the Flipd experience.

How to register (instructors only)

If you are new to the Flipd dashboard, select Sign Up Free and provide the information asked below. You will receive an email from us to validate your account. (Be sure to check your spam folder if you haven't received your validation email!) 

How to create a class

Login to your Flipd account and select My Classes, then Create a Class. It's important that you fill out your class information accurately, especially the time of day and day(s) of the week that this class occurs. Flipd will only keep track of your class based on the information provided. In addition, be sure that the generated Time Zone is correct.

Once you've successfully created a class, you'll receive a unique Group Code for that class. This code will be required in order for your students to join the class. An email like the one below will be sent to you with your class Group information. If you do not receive this email, your email permissions may be blocking Flipd as a sender. Please ensure that info@flipdapp.co is a permitted sender on your email client in order to receive important emails from us. 

How to implement Flipd into your classroom

Once you've registered, created a class, and received your code, it's time for your students to join. We recommend implementing Flipd information into your syllabus for easy reference using this template here

Students can install Flipd by visiting www.flipdapp.co and selecting the appropriate app store. Once logged in, students can join your class by selecting Groups > Join > Search > and type the code.  Students will be required to pay $3.99 through their app store to get access to your class Group, but this single payment gives them access to multiple classes for the semester. That's like asking your students to pay $1 per month to help improve their academic experience!

Accessing the dashboard

Your classes and their unique Group Codes will always be available by logging into the web-dashboard and heading to My Classes. You can View a class to see insights and data, a list of class Group members, and where to edit or make changes to the class. You will also be able to export your data from each class separately. 

What next?

Until the end of your semester, your students will be reminded to Flip Off their phones each class, and the data collected will automatically appear on your dashboard. It's up to you how frequently you would like to check the dashboard and how you would like to use this data. Keep in mind that Flipd works across multiple classes, so when students sign up for your class, they'll have unlimited access. That's why it's important that you share Flipd with your colleagues who can also benefit from Flipd.

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